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Looking for online solutions that
are powerful yet still easy to use?

Enjoy secure online software that helps organize, index, manage, retrieve and/or eventually destroy business, patient, legal or other records or documents. Powerful & flexible yet inexpensive.

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Superior Document Storage Technology, Superior Business Results

Our customers want proven document storage solutions. RecordMax facilities offer powerful technology for both tracking our internal operations and for the document storage and records management needs of our customers. Built around the ideas of systems users in countries all around the world, our document management and storage systems have the flexibility to deliver information the way you want it. We offer proven records management solutions used by people that have the experience to ensure delivery on the most complex of business requirements.

Just Like FedEx® and UPS®

Every item we touch is tracked and recorded, from your hands to ours and back again. If this type of technology in the field and in the hands of drivers and storage personnel sounds familiar, it should. We've seen what the largest of shipping companies use and we don't cut any corners in serving our customers. Our procedures give you the confidence that we'll always know how to find anything you ever need - quickly and easily.

Electronic Portable Receipt Printing

Put your records into our care and we'll hand you an itemized, time stamped receipt every time we deliver or pick-up anything. No "He said; she said." Just proof of what we've exchanged and a little more peace of mind.

Imaging and Digital Archives

RecordMax delivers capture, indexing, delivery on CD, digital archives and workflow solutions for business, healthcare and other organizations. We've partnered with true leaders in imaging technology and digital storage to provide premium conversion of paper records to electronic format. And our workflow solutions automate manual processes saving time, money and frustration. We'll help you implement the right application for your specific needs; from healthcare to legal to accounts payable and more.

Access Via The Web

At RecordMax, you can take advantage of another layer of technology to manage information and do business over the internet. Whether your information is in paper or electronic format, we've got the right tools to provide control as well as easy access. Software that is secure and powerful yet easy to use. Create and manage retention periods. Index records (again in paper or electronic format) for quick retrieval. Set up descriptive fields personalized to your organization's needs. Design and run reports delivered right to your desktop. Request pick-up or delivery of hardcopy records or directly access digital information from any computer with an internet connection.

Everything you do over the phone and more; ordering, searching, editing, etc. Ready whenever you are!

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And thank you in advance for your consideration of RecordMax.