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Computer tape rotation & storage
solutions from professionals that
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At RecordMax, we offer personalized computer tape storage & rotation programs and/or storage & protection for other environmentally sensitive media.

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Computer Tape Storage & Other Media Protection Services

RecordMax provides data protection solutions that keep your vital business information safe and secure in an environmentally controlled media facility. Your sensitive computer tapes, film, fiche, compact disks or other data can be retained in either media containers or can be slotted within specially designed racking systems.

We can also provide premium specialty storage cases and containers that offer the highest levels of protection for your sensitive computer media. RecordMax sells containers that are recommended by leading tape and drive manufacturers and that protect against data’s most dangerous enemies: tape edge damage from shock/impact; debris from foreign contaminants; and temperature/humidity extremes. As technology has changed over the years, tapes now hold more data than ever before. Consequently the cost to an organization if a tape is lost is much higher. Further, tapes holding more data also means that the density of the data continues to increase. Damage to an area on a tape therefore impacts a larger amount of potentially vital business information.

Losing your organization’s critical information assets is not an option. You need reliable and responsible business partners that offer secure, environmentally controlled facilties. You need to work with business partners that have trained personnel equipped with photo ID badges and that sign confidentiality agreements. You need a business partner that understands the security issues and that delivers proper fire protection. You want to work with a company whose systems can talk to yours; minimizing any chance of data entry error. You need a partner that tracks every movement of every item under their care. You expect people that know the special requirements of handling mission critical data and that have the experience and expertise to serve your data protection requirements.

RecordMax offers safe, secure and cost-effective data storage solutions. We understand environmentally controlled storage, tape rotation and specialize in taking care of people like you. Count on the professionals within our Data Protection division.

Fill out the quote request form below to learn more about how we can help you truly maximize efficiencies and lower overall costs related to managing your information. We truly look forward to serving you! And thank you in advance for your consideration.


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