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More than just secure business data
and file protection, you might need
help in a number of service areas...

"What you need, when you need it" involves the right indexing solution. We've got the tools to help you truly organize and manage information assets.

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Business File & Document Storage, Data Security, Imaging & Shredding

In clean, secure and organized facilities, we care for physical information assets like business files, legal files, medical records, government records and documents, architectural or engineering drawings, maps or blueprints, accounting records, insurance records, HR files or records or other forms of hardcopy records.

We also offer offsite data protection services for back up computer tapes and cartridges and with rotation programs to meet most any schedule.

And if you are looking for protection for electronic documents, images, email and web content, we offer digital archiving directly into secure data centers for the utmost in protection, redundancy and security.

Traditional business records are stored in containers on high density metal racking systems. For more active individual file folders, storage is typically on "open shelves" to facilitate quick access. Data tapes, reels, or disk packs are held in specialized slotted media racking or are handled in containers within climate controlled facilities. Other storage includes exhibits, business forms, brochures, and/or the shelving and filing of individual containers of microfilm, microfiche and/or drawers of slides or paraffin blocks.

The RecordMax Digital Archive Solution is a massive, off-site, ultra-secure online document and content management system specifically designed to facilitate the management and flow of company information for organizations of any size and allows you to easily retrieve and deliver any part of that information - anywhere in the world - in an instant. Through a strategic partnership with leading colocation hosting and digital archive software developers, we offer leveraged access to one of the premier digital archive solutions in the world directly to your company without any capital expense or increased administrative burden.

Our customers choose from the following service offerings:

* Hardcopy Document Storage (in Containers)
* Open Shelf Active File Management
* Tape Storage and Rotation Services
* Environmental Media (Film, Fiche, etc.) Storage
* Legal Exhibit Wrapping and Care
* Storage and Distribution of Forms, Marketing Materials, etc.
* Paraffin Blocks, Tissue Samples, Blood Slides, etc.
* Digital Documents, Photos, Email, Web Content and Other Electronic Information

Records Management Filing & Access Services:

Accession, Retrieval, Inter-Filing, and Re-Filing of Information Accession is the initial receiving, tracking, and placement of new items for storage on shelves. We protect paper records in high pile storage facilities where both storage containers and physical shelf locations are barcoded for the utmost in accuracy. Upon request, we retrieve and track each item from a shelf location (or access an item within a container) in preparation for delivery, access by your people at the counter or for other service requirements. Inter-Filing is the physical placement within our facilities of an item to rest within a specified Container, Folder or other specified item under our care. "Re-Filing" occurs following the return of an Item, previously subject to Retrieval, back to a shelf location or to a location within a container or other holding area.

Indexing, Photocopying / Faxing, Imaging/Scanning We offer description key-punching, data import, or extend to customers electronic transmittals and web based interfaces to add or modify any descriptive field of information associated with an item under our care. Photocopy, facsimile, or image capture services for individual documents out of files or containers in storage. Digital Archiving solutions protect electronic documents and other data (with digital signatures for original authenticity); accessed through the same personalized online interface used to track physical information assets.

Computer Tape Rotation & Management Services You can place back up computer tapes or other sensitive media into storage with scheduled rotations customized to your specific needs. We can receive lists of items to be delivered or picked up electronically, directly from your Tape Management System or we have technology you can use if you do not have systems in-house.

Project Management and Hourly Labor Services When you need extra help or outside expertise, we're there for you. Our staff can help complete non-routine but important projects, annual purges, or other information management related needs. Count on us to offer experienced solutions at cost effective rates.

Document Destruction Destruction of Items includes the actual destruction of material within containers and the transfer of such material to a processing plant, the re-classification of Items to a status of "Destroyed," and the issuance of a Certificate of Destruction. We offer destruction at the end of the lifecycle for records or items in storage or we can offer security consoles where records can be held in a secure container at your facilities pending pick-up and eventual shredding.

Transportation / Logistics:

Standard Transportation Visits We provide professional in-house transportation services and/or logistics through bonded couriers for relocation of a designated item or items between (from or to) our facility and the customer's location.

Rush Transportation When you need information in a hurry, we can handle the delivery of information during normal business operations within three business hours.

Emergency Hours Transportation And we can be there whenever you need us: 24 hours a day; 365 days a year. Simply contact our hot lines to receive delivery to be accomplished outside normal business hours of 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday or on nationally recognized holidays.

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