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Secure Retention Of Files, Records, Documents, Maps, Blueprints, etc.

RecordMax offers secure, cost-effective file and records storage solutions that keep your information protected in a clean and organized environment with easy accessibility for authorized requestors. Paper records are typically stored in containers for less active or closed files. For certain types of information (such as medical records where there may be a higher likelihood of retrieval), records can be retained on open shelves where the customer’s filing system may be duplicated and access is faster and cheaper.

RecordMax can provide a variety of storage containers for retention of documents and files. The most common is our premium 10” x 12” x 15” legal letter file box with double wall corrugated construction for maximum protection. We provide a unique barcode label at no cost for boxes that will be sent to us for retention. There are also lines for additional descriptive information. Containers come with a durable lid and are delivered in bundles for easy storage in your office prior to use. Most customers choose to utilize this container as compared to larger boxes (up to 10” x 15” x 24”) to make handling easier and safer for your employees. Consider that the average weight of a standard file box is 30 to 35 pounds. Larger containers may create potential hazards or injury when your employees need to lift or move such heavier items.

You may also gain peace of mind knowing that retaining records offsite at RecordMax offers the lowest possible cost as compared to other storage alternatives. With an option like self storage, your cost per box or cubic foot is lowest when a storage room is full. But then your cost increases significantly when you need to rent another room because more records need to go offsite. And costs go even higher when you consider the price of shelving to get the best space utilization in a self storage space. With us, you only pay incrementally for the amount of cubic feet taken up by your storage boxes (or linear feet for files stored on open shelves).

Our records storage facilities offer premium protection against the elements, include security and fire protection systems, have high grade shelving with bar coded locations and offer a clean and orderly storage environment. Safe, secure and cost-effective storage solutions from a company that specializes in records management and taking care of people like you.

To learn more about how we can help you maximize efficiency while loweing your overall information management costs, please fill out the quote request form below. We look forward to serving you! Thank you for considering RecordMax.

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