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Legal Records Storage, Exhibit Storage, Imaging & Document Shredding

At RecordMax, we understand the details when it comes to retaining, managing, accessing and ultimately destroying information for attorneys and law firms.

Professional legal records storage and management services are one of our specialties. We can help you index client records and other internal information by client number or name, matter number or name, final disposition date, assigned attorneys or paralegals, classification (pleadings, correspondence, discovery, attorney notes, billing, etc.), court case information and a number of other possible descriptive categories. We'll personalize our systems and the corresponding tools you can use to manage information to your needs, using your language and focusing on your way of doing business. And if you already have records and data management software and systems in place, we'll look at how our systems might talk to yours; further increasing maximum accuracy and saving valuable time eliminating redundant processes.

Of course we have a lot of technology we can put to work for you. We can help implement and manage records retention schedules (with both affiliated consulting expertise and software to track date ranges, record series or categories and retention periods). We scan the barcodes placed on boxed records or physical files when we drop off or pick up storage related items and offer electronically printed receipts; just like the big logistics companies provide when shipping valuable property or packages. And we offer a highly secure digital archive solution for protection of all formats of electronic records, files and information.

We also know that litigation and other practices can generate odd sized exhibits or items that also need safe and secure care. Special wrapping and protection is available and we have designated and designed storage areas for these items.

Today's manager of legal information faces a growing number of mediums to manage and increasing regulation and compliance issues. We understand and are here to help.

We're a company that provides premium storage solutions for physical documents, files, papers, film, fiche, data, computer tapes, as well as digital information such as MS Word documents, images, email and web content. We also offer professional handling and transportation services whenever you need things picked up or retrieved. And when records and information reach the end of their lifecycle, we offer secure document shredding and data destruction.

CLICK HERE to contact a RecordMax Professional and learn more about how we can help you truly maximize efficiencies and lower overall costs related to managing your information. We truly look forward to serving you! And thank you in advance for your consideration.

You’ll be glad you chose the people, the facilities, and the information management solutions at RecordMax.