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Is your healthcare information
protected by people that care as
much about privacy as you do ?

Properly handling patient files today requires specialized expertise. Ask about RecordMax solutions for hardcopy & electronic medical records.

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Medical Records Storage; Film Storage; Health Information Management; Purging / Indexing Projects; & Confidential Document Shredding Services

When it comes to caring for medical records and confidential healthcare data and patient information, RECORDMAX offers confidential and cost-effective offsite storage solutions you can count on. We pride ourselves on understanding the sensitive nature of serving hospitals and healthcare professionals; especially when it comes to gaining control of ever-increasing volumes of information under ever-increasing regulatory and budgetary pressures.

We offer safe and secure facilities for the retention of physical documents, files, film jackets, fiche, data, computer cartridges and tapes as well as digital information such as MS Word documents, images, email and web content.

We can help you index records and information by patient number or name, visit or release date, department, physician or provider info, other dates such as date of birth, adult vs. minor, and a number of other possible descriptive categories. We'll personalize our systems and the corresponding tools you can use to manage information to your needs, using your language and focusing on your way of tracking patient information. And if you already have records and data management software and systems in place, we'll look at how our systems might talk to yours; further increasing maximum accuracy and saving valuable time eliminating redundant processes.

We also pay special attention to HIPAA laws and are sensitive to protecting the privacy of any and all information under our care. We have policies and procedures in place specifically designed for the healthcare community.

Managers of healthcare information face a growing number of mediums to manage and increasing regulation and compliance issues. You’ll be glad you chose the people, the facilities, and the information management solutions at RecordMax.

CLICK HERE to contact a RecordMax Professional and learn more about how we can help you truly maximize efficiencies and lower overall costs related to managing your information. We truly look forward to serving you! And thank you in advance for your consideration.