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When our customers have questions; we listen. It's a critical part of our mission to offer sound solutions that save customers money and make their lives easier. We’re here to help you.

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Your Question - "Why not keep my records in a self-storage facility?"

Answer - People choose RECORDMAX over self storage for both the cost savings and other important business considerations. We traditionally save businesses up to 40% or more as compared over time to self-storage alternatives. We also offer more effective filing methods; saving time and money when accessing the information in storage. And our facilities are typically much safer; offering improved protection against pests, flammables, and other hazardous conditions.

Your Question - "Can someone help me organize our records (to make finding what I need easier)?"

Answer - We're here to help and have tools readily available to index files or other data. You can choose from optional levels of information capture depending on the typical needs of retrieval. And our services range from casual advice to in-house project staffing.

Your Question - "Why should we choose RECORDMAX over other companies?"

Answer - You expect proven solutions and we offer that experience. Our management team includes former records managers in the private sector...meaning you can count on someone with a clear understanding of the customer's perspective and that is absolutely interested in assuring your complete satisfaction. And we can deliver services across the spectrum: from simple and easy to complex technology driven integration.

Your Question - "Can I really count on getting whatever I need, whenever I need it?"

Answer - We understand the importance of delivering information on demand. Our systems track every movement of every item so that we always know where everything is at all times. We offer access 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your information remains virtually at your fingertips.

Your Question - "Isn't it more expensive to hire your drivers when we need something delivered instead of using our own people?"

Answer - No, however that's a common misconception. Typically the business with records in a self storage facility has to send clerical staff to leave their current responsibilities, drive personal vehicles (liability), move significant volumes of other boxes looking for something, and has to drive two directions instead of one (from us to you). The actual costs are lower with us almost every time.

Your Question - "We have sophisticated systems and want to know if you can use our barcodes, create reports using our language, and basically act as an extension of our existing records center?"

Answer - Yes we can and yes we do. We can scan most common barcode formats (up to five different symbologies). We can use your language, your format of choice (paper reports, excel, ascii, etc.), and your sort order preference for reporting. And we can basically build solutions around your way of doing business.

Your Question - "Are your prices and contract terms fair and easy to understand?"

Answer - RECORDMAX offers market driven pricing, delivered via personalized invoices, containing no hidden charges. Our contracts are based on the templates provided by our industry association and are consistent nationwide. We follow a simple philosophy: treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

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