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Managing your information today
demands more than tape back-up;
it requires digital archive solutions.

Companies today tell us they want clear guidelines as to when information should be stored digitally and when it should be left in paper format.

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Fully Integrated Digital Archives - Secure & Protect Electronic Records, Files, Documents, Images, Email & Web Content

Records Managers and Information Technology professionals are facing more challenges than ever before. More information being generated. Information in more formats. Increasing legislation, compliance and legal requirements. There are a lot of questions and few businesses focused on the total solution.

RECORDMAX offers a comprehensive digital archiving tool that compliments the traditional paper storage environment. The digital archive is hosted and fully managed; requiring minimal upfront capital and no additional staffing. The cost is based on actual storage space being used, not “per user”, meaning that you can offer this tool throughout your organization at no additional cost. Access is encrypted, multi-level and can be restricted to a specific physical location. Digital signatures prevent malicious alteration of key records. Deletion can be set up to require multi-level approval. Even an automated record upload process is available.

Of equal importance to most businesses, our interface is easy to use. No special software is required to add or access documents within the digital archive. Customized index capabilities simplify searching and ensure rapid location of critical records. And our management tools are compliant with all current federal records retention regulations.

The RECORDMAX Digital Archive Solution is a secure, internet based interface that allows customers to manage both hardcopy business records as well as digital data; such as electronic documents, email, images, digital photographs and web content. Our partners include Andrews Software (a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner and leading commericial archive technology company); Image Fortress (developers of DigitalFortress and a trusted digital archive partner to the National Archives & Records Administration, the General Services Administration and Lockheed Martin) and IBM (which provides a powerful, redundant and highly secure electronic storage/server environment). We provide the archiving automation to deliver flexibility, security, record integrity, and robust search capabilities. Our customers can simultaneously search for and access records that are stored in paper format (at one or more RECORDMAX facilities) or in the digital archive via a secure, flexible and easy to use web based interface. Add as many users as you need on top of the base archiving license at no additional cost...

With records managers on staff that have been hired to train and educate controllers, accountants and other records managers on the various issues facing today’s business (on document retention and destruction), RECORDMAX delivers expertise and proven solutions for information in all of its varied formats. Please also visit our Technology Page for more information.

Customers like you expect safe, secure and cost-effective storage solutions; regardless of the format in which information may be generated and/or best retained. We understand and are here to help.

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