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Healthcare, legal, business or gov't,
RecordMax offers experience and
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You count on people to care about your records as much as you do & that understand the nuances of managing legal, health or business files & records.

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Experienced Records Management Professionals

RecordMax offers records management services and solutions to most all vertical markets across the service spectrum. Of course, any individual or organization can benefit from solid information management in their lives. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 Corporation or a recent retiree protecting tax returns, wills and other personal information, all important information assets need to be placed somewhere safe where they can be accessed easily whenever needed. Medical, Legal, Business or Government, RecordMax has the experience and track record to assure your satisfaction.

Secure but cost-effective offsite file storage & document, accurate indexing for fast, easy access, proper referencing of dates and retention cycles for reducing long term costs and business liabilities, migration of paper records to electronic, powerful digital archiving solutions.

Storage, Management, Imaging and Shredding Services for Corporations, Small Business, Medical Centers, Organizations and Government

The time of the business professional, juggled between and among various responsibilities, is one of an organization’s most valuable assets. Time wasted looking for (or waiting for) files or documents can be not only a serious distraction, but can result in the customer, client, patient, end user and/or the business suffering unnecessary and significant expense. We save you time by helping to end the search.

You expect us to understand legal records; patient confidentiality; records retention and categorization; indexing and descriptive information capture; boxed records and open shelf file folder management; media storage requirements and tape rotation; proper care for drawings and blueprints; and how to handle all this information in a clean and secure environment. That’s why we’re in business.

You need information that is organized and can be accessed quickly, reliably and easily. We can help and we can deliver. And while keeping our storage and service rates down are important to your budget, so is reducing your risk through effective information management systems. RecordMax is a business partner that works for you, and with you.

Serving Private Individuals

Our customers can include individuals, families and household business people. The internet has created home-based businesses and small business people all across the country. We’re excited about serving you. Our Minimum Accounts for the smallest of customers and Personal Safe Deposit Programs are designed for serving people with valuable records and other critical personal information. Offsite records storage at a low cost but with a high level of security & confidentiality.

Place your records with us knowing they are only a few clicks or a phone call away whenever you need them.

CLICK HERE to contact a RecordMax Professional and learn more about how we can help you truly maximize efficiencies and lower overall costs related to managing your information. We truly look forward to serving you! And thank you in advance for your consideration of RecordMax.