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Do you want to work with people
that think like you?

RecordMax was founded by people with firsthand experience managing information...people that can relate to the customer’s perspective because they've been there.

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People that Care About Records Management and Doing Things Right


In choosing RecordMax, you will be working with dedicated records management professionals passionate about serving people that need a safe and cost-effective place to store important records or that need information services such as document destruction, indexing projects, purges, software, etc.

You want experience from the people you trust to care for your valuable records and information. Our management team has the experience you expect. We've delivered records and data storage solutions to all types of customer; from small legal, physician, accounting or other offices to major hospitals and Fortune 500 Corporations.

RecordMax was founded by industry professionals with complimentary business and records management experience. We've developed programs that put that experience to work for you. With one of our founders having enjoyed management responsibility over information assets in the private sector, we have a unique appreciation of the information storage industry from the customer's perspective.

Today's manager of information faces a growing number of mediums to manage and increasing regulation and compliance issues. From traditional paper files and documents, to computer tapes and film, to digital files such as MS Word docs, photos, images, email and web content, information must be properly retained for required periods of time, easily accessed whenever needed and then eventually destroyed or purged. Comprehensive international standards within each RECORDMAX facility can be personalized to your needs by our local professional.

You want people you can trust. You want to minimize risks and liabilities, reduce costs and still enjoy easy access to anything you need in the future. You want people that do what they say they are going to do. You’ll be glad you chose the people, the facilities, and the information management solutions at RecordMax.

CLICK HERE to contact a RecordMax Professional and learn more about how we can help you truly maximize efficiencies and lower overall costs related to managing your information. We truly look forward to serving you! And thank you in advance for your consideration of RECORDMAX.