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RecordMax provides you with choices for managing every type of information asset...

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RSWeb™ from O'Neil Software (click for pdf brochure)

RSWeb.NET gives RecordMax customers in Chattanooga and New Orleans fast and flexible real-time access and control of your records ...right when you need it, a mouse-click away! The "Getting Started" page provides a quick and easy intro. Our intuitive menu system allows you to search and work with lists of records. Finding a particular file is simple, using pre-defined "Quick Searches." You can personalize them or make them generic for all others users from your organization. Quick Searches even allow use of your terminology, rather than learning ours. You can even create their own searches, using our advanced search tool and work dynamically with the results .

PaperVision™ Content Mgmt. & Enterprise Workflow (click for pdf brochure)

Control access and increase information security using a simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Enable automation and tracking of business processes throughout the information lifecycle.  With powerful features including improved business processes, protection of information from theft and disaster, compliance with regulations and electronic discovery guidelines, the RecordMax document and content management system developed from our partners at Digitech Systems offers unparalleled complexity with true ease of use.

ImageSilo™ Digital Archiving (click for pdf brochure)

RecordMax offers superior web based technology for use in indexing, organizing, tracking, ordering, managing and ultimately destroying electronic documents and records hosted through premium Sunguard™-rated colocation storage facilities.  Besides an unbelieveable level of security and redundancy, the ImageSilo hosted digital archive solution is based solely on a charge for the volume of digital data in storage...there are no per seat or per user fees; making it easy for you to distribute access to the people that need it most.  Powerful and comprehensive administrative control and departmentalization protects confidentiality and restricts both access and functionality to meet the most stringent of requirements.

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Pricing for the products requested may vary depending on specifications, volumes, taxes and other variables. 

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Online Access and Records Management (for your records and other information assets stored at RecordMax)
Jackson, Mississippi customer - TRWeb from DHS Worldwide
Chattanooga, Tennessee customer - RSWeb
from O'Neil Software
Mobile, Alabama customer - InfoKeeper from Andrews Software
New Orleans customer - RSWeb from O'Neil Software
Quantity Concurrent Users Needed or Expected

PaperVision Enterprise Document & Content Management
1-2 Concurrent Users
3-5 Concurrent Users
5-10 Concurrent Users
10-20 Concurrent Users
20+ Concurrent Users

ImageSilo Document & Content Management (Hosted)
1-5 Est. Gigabytes of Total Document Storage
5-10 Est. Gigabytes of Total Document Storage
11-20 Est. Gigabytes of Total Document Storage
21-50 Est. Gigabytes of Total Document Storage
50 + Est. Gigabytes of Total Document Storage

PaperFlow Image Capture
1-2 Concurrent Users
3-5 Concurrent Users
5+ Concurrent Users

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