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File Boxes, Storage Containers, Records Storage Boxes


Protect your valuable records and paper documents in safe and durable storage containers. You can choose from standard 10" x 12" x 15" capacity file boxes, letter transfer cases (10" x 12" x 24" capacity), legal transfer cases (10" x 15" x 24" capacity), drawing tubes or blueprint cartons, check trays, x-ray jacket boxes and a variety of other premium document boxes. We offer certain models with the RECORDMAX logo and information as well as act as a value added reseller for a variety of stock boxes. Competitive pricing and direct delivery.

Computer Tape Cases & Specialized Containers for Sensitive Media

RECORDMAX offers a variety of makes and models for storage of all types of environmentally sensitive media. Your tapes, cartridges and other media or film needs protected against tape edge damage from shock/impact; debris from foreign contaminants; and temperature/humidity extremes. Our containers are uniquely designed to protect your valuable data during transport and storage. We have multiple options for most every type of tape cartridge (from 4mm/8mm to 3480/3490/3590 to DLT/Super DLT/LCO).

Document Destruction Containers and Security Consoles

To protect your valuable, confidential, vital and proprietary information, we deliver a variety of solutions designed for most every situation. A variety of government regulations, including HIPAA, FACTA other legislation, create standards and required practices for the destruction of certain categories of records. We're here to help with confidential document containers, cabinets/consoles and bags. We can also assist with medical waste containers and other specialized products.

Barcode Labels for Containers, Files and Tapes

Every item we store and handle individually is labeled with a barcode for point to point tracking and to record every change in custody. Just like FedEx, UPS or the other premium logistics companies, we provide unique tracking labels that conform to both our own internal printing standards as well as use superior adhesives for long term durability. Container labels include the RECORDMAX logo and will include a unique range that is pre-assigned to your account prior to delivery. File labels can be personalized in a variety of formats using multiple descriptive fields as well as a unique barcode ID range pre-assigned to your account prior to delivery.

Records Management Software and Digital Archiving Tools

RECORDMAX offers superior web based technology for use in indexing, organizing, tracking, ordering, managing and ultimately destroying records managed in our offsite facilities. A license fee covers set-up, installation, initial training, a set of users manuals and customization of descriptive fields (or meta data). Costs for ongoing monthly usage is based solely of the volume of meta data or digital data and there are no per seat or per user fees; making it easy for you to distribute access to the people that need it most. Powerful and comprehensive security and departmentalization protects confidentiality and restricts both access and functionality to meet the most stringent of requirements.

Pricing for the products listed above may depend by specifications, volumes, taxes and other variables. Contact your local RecordMax representative or use our Contact Form to request a quote.

And thanks in advance for your consideration. We look forward to serving you!