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Premium file storage boxes...from
standard (10"x12"x15") capacity
to transfer cases or x-ray boxes

RecordMax offers paper file and other storage boxes for most every need. Our private label container is "guaranteed for life" within our storage facilities.

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Paper Records Storage Boxes, File Folder Containers, X-Ray Boxes,
Check Trays, Blueprints Boxes, Drawing Tubes, Plan Sacks, etc.

Our Premium File Box (click here for complete product review pdf)
Emblazoned with the RecordMax logo as shown in the lower left of the photo above, this 10” x 12” x 15” capacity (displaces 1.2 cu. ft. of shelf space), sturdy premium test corrugated, legal/letter sized, double wall, triple end and double bottom is specifically designed for document and file folder storage. With a detached extra deep custom made lid, the RecordMax file box is guaranteed for life when stored within RecordMax facilities. Shipments are in bundles of 25. For RecordMax customers with deposits in storage, premium barcode tracking labels are provided at no additional charge.

Please fill out the form below and a representative will contact you directly to complete your order.... an experienced partner...RECORDMAX!

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Container Type
Premium RecordMax File Box - 10"x12"x15"
Letter Transfer Case 10"x12"x24"
Legal Transfer Case 10"x15"x24"
X-Ray Box 5 1/2"x20"x15 1/2"
Sm. Check Case 9 1/4"x15"x4 1/4"
Lrg. Check Case 9 1/4"x24"x4 1/4"
Microfiche Box 11"x13"x4 1/2"
Tube Box 6"x6"x40"
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