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Managing information today
requires understanding complex
and often conflicting priorities . . .

The Information Management Associates
team includes professionals at the top of their respective fields of expertise.


The Information Management Associates Partnership

The information life cycle includes creation, evaluation, acquisition, organization, representation, control, dissemination, use, protection, and ultimate disposition of information—whatever the format or medium and whether of internal or external origins.

The goals of information management are getting the right information to the right person, at the right time, from the right source, in the right amount, in the right order, in the right form, in the right medium, with optimal accuracy, as quickly as possible—and at the lowest reasonable cost.

We make your information an asset, not a liability.
Our services include records management and archives needs assessment, policy and procedure development, reducing operational costs associated with information processing, records facilities design, privacy protection strategies, filing system design and revision, indexing projects, records preservation strategies (digital and paper), knowledge management initiatives, vital records protection, reduction of lost information problems, training in records management practices and compliance with ISO 15489, the world’s standard for records management programs.

IMA is wholly client focused.
We sell no software or hardware and are not affiliated with those that do.
We accept no finder’s fees. We subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Management Consultants and to the Code of Professional Responsibility of ARMA International.

Among our services are:

As needed, we can develop proposals for vendor response. We can recruit vendors offering the kinds of product or services our clients need. As desired, we guide clients' review of proposals submitted.

Our consultants can create records and information management functions for an organization. We also evaluate existing programs and systems and offer recommendations for increased effectiveness and efficiency.

Doing business with IMA is easy: the client provides IMA with a list of work needed; we provede a letter-form contract for signature. It's that easy.

We use a team-based approach in which associates are chosen and coordinated by the president of IMA as sub-contractors to contribute expertise to a particular consulting project. Professional biographies of IMA’s consulting associates are available as is a review of our previous projects.

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