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Not just a better mousetrap. More
like a constant work in process…

There are people that work IN their business. And there are people that work ON their business. At RECORDMAX, our goal is help franchisees deliver the best possible solutions at the lowest possible cost. Listening, measuring and improving DAILY.

The Right Choice At The Right Time

Over the last ten to fifteen years, industry consolidation in the records storage marketplace has taken choices away from customers on the local level and on the national level.

Acquisitions made by these bigger outside companies into local markets can result in frustrated customers that didn’t choose their vendor relationship but had their records “purchased” away from a local provider. In some cases the customer no longer works with local people they know and trust, but talks to faceless voices in a national call center often thousands of miles away.

Taking away local ownership takes away someone close to the customer with a vested interest in assuring the highest level of satisfaction.

There is no doubt that the amount of information being created in the business marketplace today is increasing at staggering rates. While many forms of information are now managed in a digital environment; it seems that even volumes of paper records continue to increase. Documents, computer tapes, film, fiche, email, photos, web content and other sensitive information all need to be stored someplace safe; where the cost is reasonable and access is easy but secured.

It was in recognition of these market conditions that RECORDMAX was created. The first to offer a franchise solution to the records storage industry, RECORDMAX combines the best of all worlds: centralized management, marketing and branding efforts; more/leveraged buying power; the ability to serve a growing number of cities and multi-location customers; and the vested interest of local owners to give clients some peace of mind and assure higher levels of customer satisfaction.

A franchise solution simply delivers a powerful new choice to a hungry marketplace that has been screaming for an alternative. For offsite records management, digital archiving and paper shredding services, RECORDMAX is the right choice at the right time.