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So You Want to Increase Your
Opportunities in the Information
Storage & Services Marketplace?

You obviously have choices of how to invest your valuable capital, time and resources. There are many reasons why people these days are considering a RECORDMAX Franchise…


Build Your Business Using A Proven Operational Model - Your systems, processes and daily service methods are based on proven experience serving some of the world’s largest businesses and organizations.

A Powerful Library of Proposal Templates, Sales Letters, Business Forms and Other Documentation - Not just a bunch of forms but an integrated program specifically designed for a RECORDMAX franchisee. And not just proposals but well thought out and unique communications tools that present a leading edge solution.

Upfront and Ongoing Operations and Sales Training Programs & Manuals -
We’re committed to delivering on our promises to customers; the end-user of our information storage and management services. Count on getting the help, education, documentation and support you expect from a franchisor.

Tools to Measure The Key Performance Indicators Within Your Business Along With Both Sales Forecasts & Sales Results - Constant improvement requires constant measurement. We have tested and proven reporting solutions to track the critical activities and growth of your business.

Leveraged Purchasing Power - By aligning yourself with others, you get the buying power of a larger company.

Ongoing Help and Support From A Unique Team of Experts - The RECORDMAX team is ultimately accountable to both its customers and our founders with a unique blend of experience, including franchise program development, sales and support; information asset management; industry operating system technology; and business management & administration. Customer-focused resources whose combined histories and ideas work for you.

A Growing Network of Business Partners in Cities Across North America - As a RECORDMAX franchisee, you become part of a network of people just like you with common goals, opportunities, challenges and interests. Gain the benefit of everyone’s experience and expertise.

Print Media Materials, Online Advertising and Other Marketing Efforts & Programs - We’re actively promoting an existing brand in a number of successful and creative ways. Top positioning with online search engines, media campaigns, industry recognition efforts, public speaking and more increase the likelihood of customers finding you.

Enhanced Brand Recognition and Access to Network Referrals - As we grow, so grows the number of potential opportunities for referrals from market to market and for multi-market customers. Enhanced market presence means enhanced brand recognition.

A Vested Interest In Working to Help Maximize Results Within Your Exclusive Territory - Unlike a consultant that can work with any competitor and that really has no vested interest in your success, we’re committed to helping our franchisees increase their opportunities to grow profitably unlike any other resource you can hire.